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Take control of a plush monkey in a plastic world of animated toys in this runner game inspired by classic 90's adventure games and the imagination of a child.

Run away from the friendly dinosaur as you collect bananas and avoid various obstacles! Traverse multiple levels, including an endless mode, to beat your high score and unlock silly hats and upgrades.

Key Features

  • Exciting runner-style gameplay with a twist.
  • Variety of obstacles and powerups.
  • Front facing camera and chase mechanics put a unique spin on the genre.
  • Unique art style that depicts a world of plastic toys.
  • 8 fun levels, such as the Dinosaur Valley, the Crystal Caves, Baking Soda Volcano & more!
  • Endless Mode for the ultimate challenge.
  • Variety of fun hats to unlock for Monkey and Dinosaur.
  • Enjoy various difficulty levels for the whole family.
  • Fully voiced, great for aiding young children who cannot read.
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4


Q: Will this be an Early Access game?

A: No. The game is still a work in progress, and will be released when it is finished/ready - but we will still listen to the community if there are suggestions for change or if there are any reported bugs.

Q: Will there be microtransactions?

A: No, all unlocks are acquired through the in-game level system.

Q: Will there be support for multiple languages?

A: It's definitely something we are interested in - especially if requested enough. We would be interested to work with multi-lingual players from the community to make it happen - as localisation services are a little too expensive for the current budget.

Q: Will there be Steam achievements/trading cards?

A: Yes! (itch.io buyers will receive a steam key AND a DRM-free copy)

Q: How many levels are in the game?

A: There are eight different levels with a start and end. The obstacles and pickups are procedural so it's different every time. There is also an endless mode to see how long you can run for.

Q: Will there be multiplayer?

A: Two player split screen is in the game - online multiplayer is not planned.

Q: Are there leaderboards?

A: Yes and no. There are high scores but they are tied to Steam.  (itch.io buyers will receive a steam key AND a DRM-free copy)

Q: Is this game suitable for children?

A: Yes! This was created specifically with young children in mind, and the games QA includes thorough testing by a four year-old! While aimed at children, there are adjustable difficulty levels to make it fun for those of all ages!

This game is currently in development and not available for purchase.

You can contact available at the official website or on Twitter


This game is currently unavailable